Today’s big VC brands were built by funding start-ups from birth to acquisition, IPO, or death; whichever came first. There were no Y-Combinators and other microVCs. But it isn’t true that “lean” investing strategies didn’t then exist. Electronic Arts, whose birth I have a blood relationship with, was “seeded” by Sequoia Capital, and two other […]

It’s nice to get credit for spotting a trend before it happens. That said, this was not really a tough one to predict. With the massive growth of the super angel (seed) funds and flat lining of the series A funds, a crunch was inevitable. I can’t say that me or my co-founders knew WHEN […]

All this chatter of a Series A Crunch makes light of a widening gap that looks more like the jaws of death for many seed funded startups, as the gap between Seed and A is becoming a yawning cliff. As part of our VC Outlook for 2013, we incorporated the latest info from CBInsight, as […]

We are very pleased to see that Urban Airship has acquired one of our porfolio companies: Tello. Tello did a masterful job of launching a new product that generated tremendous buzz. Their new offering called PassTools really sparked interest in the entire Apple Ecosystem. You can read about that launch here: Information about the […]

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that funding of consumer web companies is down 42% in the first nine months of 2012 (as compared to the same period in 2011).  This is not due to a shortage of seed rounds, but rather a shortage of adequate follow-on financing.  Fred Wilson attributes this shift to three […]

People ask us all the time how we got our name at Bullpen Capital. We’re not just baseball fans, there’s more to it than that. We asked two of Bullpen Capital’s good friends Dan Scheinman (co-owner of the SF Giants) and Chad Durbin (relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves) to help us make a short […]

Congratulations are in order for Bullpen portfolio company Betable, which continues to exceed expectations quarter after quarter.  One of Betable’s partners and #1 iOS casino app, Big Fish Games, just announced the launch of its first in a series of games enabled with Betable’s real-money gambling toolkit.  Betable’s technology allows game developers like Big Fish […]