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Bring Obama’s Tech Targeting to your Startup…

Grassroots Unwired was started 2 years ago by a veteran Democratic political insider named Russ Oster.  He was continually amazed to see that the state of the art technology for door-to-door canvassing was simply pencil and paper, with the occasional clip board. That’s when he decided to automate the process and build one of the […]

Re-Imagining the Camera

The iPhone has been a weapon of mass destruction.  It’s predecessor, the iPod, revitalized the music industry, and now the iPhone is rolling over wireless.  Walled Gardens have been opened, Nokia and RIM have been humbled, and markets not in the direct line of sight are stumbling – none more than digital cameras.  The vast […]

Re-Imagining Steve Jobs

The accolades still roll in. Most folk compare him to great inventors, like Edison.  My partner Rich makes the case that he is a one-off, an original, not easily compared to an Edison or other vigorous inventors. I rather think that he is a rare breed, perhaps best compared to Walt Disney, a person who re-imagined […]

Condaptive: First Exit of the Bullpen Era!

We are very excited to see that today Condaptive announced its acquisition by Millennial Media. Hemang and his team did an outstanding job and had a tremendous result for such a young company. As Bullpen is but a few months old, it is exciting to be part of an exit so quickly! The full story […]

PopVox Wins South By Southwest Startup Competition

A great company that have been advising since just about its beginning just won the start-up competition at South By Southwest. Here’s a quick summary of the competition “The third annual SXSW Accelerator presented by Microsoft BizSpark will take place March 14-16 at the 2011 SXSW Festival in Austin Texas” The winning company is called […]

A Night at Android Day Camp

This past weekend I had the pleasure of being a judge at the grand finale to Android DevCamp, held at the eBay/PayPal campus in San Jose. Over 25 teams worked feverishly to produce cool Android apps, many with payments integrated to PayPal. My fellow judges included Thorsten Claus from T-Ventures (part of Telekom, parent of […]

Internet Video Will Drive a Media Overturning

In the big scheme of things, Internet video is a largely yet-to-happen ‘over-the-horizon’ event.  Something big is coming, but exactly when and how is not clear.  Internet video deals are not hot today.  The probable reason:  Many of the video deals inspired by the success of YouTube and Hulu have disappointed.  Why?   The biggest success […]