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Venture Shift is Wednesday – I have a few free tickets available…

We have a few free tickets for the big event on Wednesday. We have an all star line up of speakers and should have a packed house. Email me if you would like to get one of our last tickets. Agenda is here: Here is a quick photo from last year’s event

Tech Crunch gives Bullpen some credit for predicting series A crunch…

It’s nice to get credit for spotting a trend before it happens. That said, this was not really a tough one to predict. With the massive growth of the super angel (seed) funds and flat lining of the series A funds, a crunch was inevitable. I can’t say that me or my co-founders knew WHEN […]

Photos From Venture Shift 2012

We had a really great turnout for our Venture Shift event earlier this summer. The highlight of the show was Lawrence Coburn’s brutally honest story of fundraising. Here’s a picture of Lawrence telling the story. I hope to have the video up soon. The other real highlights of the event were two discussions of the […]

Liquidity Cometh

Ari Levy and Lee Spears of Bloomberg Newsroom write clearly about the impact of the Facebook public offering, offering little in the way of condolences for those buying at $42 in the opening confusion. Instead, they rightly focus on how liquidity, locked up for years in quiet ponds (some bigger than others), is soon […]

TechCrunch Tokyo: Venture Revolution Keynote

Bullpen was asked to TechCrunch Tokyo 2011 both to keynote and to join a panel. This event was crowded – over 600 attendees, a combination of eager found entrepreneurs and senior management at leading Japanese companies like NTT, Sony, etc.  Booths out front touted new ventures, and the sushi at the networking event was great! […]

VCs Heart SuperAngels

The SuperAngel phenom continues to mature.  When the SuperAngels first took share away from the Series A VCs (who felt they owned the first institutional funding stage), the VC reaction was all over the map, and the punditry had a field day with VC vs. SuperAngel smackdowns, fueling the fire.  We saw out-of-box VC behavior: big firms […]

Paul Martino Live Interview

A good friend of mine name John Furrier is now running a fascinating company called Silicon Angel. He is re-inventing the advertising, analyst, and content creation market. The first segment that they are disrupting is technology. Many of you might remember John from when he was the founder of PodTech. You can read more about […]