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SendHub and the Mobile First Business Phone

Every ten years or so, the business phone gets re-invented. The last time we saw RingCentral and GrandCentral (later Google Voice), and before that a bunch of IP PBXes like Shoretel.  These were primarily fixed line systems to substitute for your PBX, and to ring at a desk phone or PC.  They have been extended […]

Bring Obama’s Tech Targeting to your Startup…

Grassroots Unwired was started 2 years ago by a veteran Democratic political insider named Russ Oster.  He was continually amazed to see that the state of the art technology for door-to-door canvassing was simply pencil and paper, with the occasional clip board. That’s when he decided to automate the process and build one of the […]

Tello Acquired by Urban Airship

We are very pleased to see that Urban Airship has acquired one of our porfolio companies: Tello. Tello did a masterful job of launching a new product that generated tremendous buzz. Their new offering called PassTools really sparked interest in the entire Apple Ecosystem. You can read about that launch here: Information about the […]

Real-Money Gambling Earns Real-Money Profits for Betable

Congratulations are in order for Bullpen portfolio company Betable, which continues to exceed expectations quarter after quarter.  One of Betable’s partners and #1 iOS casino app, Big Fish Games, just announced the launch of its first in a series of games enabled with Betable’s real-money gambling toolkit.  Betable’s technology allows game developers like Big Fish […]

Who Really Won Apple v. Samsung?

Winner: Samsung, who showed that cheating (copying) worked, according to trenchant analysis by the inimitable Robert Scoble.  The $1B damages, even if trebled, and the injunction on eight older phones, even if granted, and the jinks and jives from endless appeals, even if they end in Apple’s favor, means that by copying Samsung has become […]

The Re-Fragmentation of Social

“Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.” – Yogi Berra In 2007 I was involved with one of the first mobile social companies, Xumii. This is before the iPhone, before Android, and in the days where the only apps that mattered were games on feature phones. Xumii was solving the problem of many sources of […]

Condaptive: First Exit of the Bullpen Era!

We are very excited to see that today Condaptive announced its acquisition by Millennial Media. Hemang and his team did an outstanding job and had a tremendous result for such a young company. As Bullpen is but a few months old, it is exciting to be part of an exit so quickly! The full story […]