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Bring Obama’s Tech Targeting to your Startup…

Grassroots Unwired was started 2 years ago by a veteran Democratic political insider named Russ Oster.  He was continually amazed to see that the state of the art technology for door-to-door canvassing was simply pencil and paper, with the occasional clip board. That’s when he decided to automate the process and build one of the […]

The Facebook IPO is No Netscape Moment, and Shows the Need for a Small IPO Market

The digerati are obsessively focused on the imminent filing of the Facebook IPO.  The hope is that it becomes the next Netscape Moment.  They also thought LinkedIn might be, but in our view, that IPO reflected a pent up demand for tech IPOs, not a seminal spark to a new boom. This chart shows that […]

Internet Video Will Drive a Media Overturning

In the big scheme of things, Internet video is a largely yet-to-happen ‘over-the-horizon’ event.  Something big is coming, but exactly when and how is not clear.  Internet video deals are not hot today.  The probable reason:  Many of the video deals inspired by the success of YouTube and Hulu have disappointed.  Why?   The biggest success […]

Marketing to Millennials

Boomers:        Just Do It Gen Xers:        Why Do It? Millennials:      Just Did It We Boomers have ruled to roost since the ’60s.  For 40 years, style, fashion, products, politics have been Boomer led.  Youth culture in the ’60s; sexual revolution in the ’70s; ‘greed is good’ in the ’80s; and […]