The Bullpen team couples exceptional super-angel access, successful early stage investing, and deep VC experience.  The team has a history of investing together going back to 2002, with great returns.

The managing directors have all started successful businesses and held significant operating roles. Some of the noteworthy successes are Electronic Arts, Visicorp, Covad, and InterTrust. We have also had our share of glorious failures, such as Tribe Networks, one of the first social networks. Tribe’s founder went on to form Zynga. Sometimes you learn more from a bust than a boom.

We take the founders’ point of view, and roll up our sleeves to help. Building a great company is a lot of hard work and even harder thinking, and it helps to have sherpas along the way to the peak.

Paul Martino began starting companies in high school and has been active in both founding things and working with the angel community. He has invested in or with, and worked with, almost all the top super angels.

Duncan Davidson was consulting on the info highway to some of the most forward thinking big companies in the world, but decided to chuck it for starting companies, and got Covad off to the races on the info superhighway. After a series of start-ups, he joined the dark side and worked at a large venture fund for most of the ‘Oughts.

Richard Melmon spans two prior tech booms, working at Intel and Visicorp – the maker of the first spreadsheet – before starting Electronic Arts and later Objective Software, the first spreadsheet-database combo. More recently he has been angel investing and incubating companies at NetService Ventures.

James Conlon joined the Bullpen team as a Principal in 2012.  He is a former professional poker player who recently received his J.D. from the American University Washington College of Law.  His unique talents in the areas of start-ups, law, and analysis make him a great addition to our team.

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