Hall of Fame

We have had the good fortune to be part of some really great companies, going back to the beginnings of Silicon Valley, including Intel, Visicorp (the first spreadsheet) and Electronic Arts. We cut our investing teeth during the dot-com boom, being part of several spectacular IPOs, including Xilinx, Inktomi, InterTrust, CommerceOne and Covad. We continued in the social media era, being involved as founders or investors with Tribe Networks, MySpace, Multiply, FanIQ, Xumii (mobile social network) and Zynga. Here are some of the exits from our investing:

social games
partial liquidity from secondary sales
adaptive streaming and DRM for online TV
bought by Google
leading independent DSL provider
IPO in the ’90s, taken private in the ’00s
online network video
bought by Cisco
systems lifestyle management
bought by IBM
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