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SendHub and the Mobile First Business Phone

Every ten years or so, the business phone gets re-invented. The last time we saw RingCentral and GrandCentral (later Google Voice), and before that a bunch of IP PBXes like Shoretel.  These were primarily fixed line systems to substitute for your PBX, and to ring at a desk phone or PC.  They have been extended […]

VC Outlook 2013

At our recent LP meeting we presented our view of where the venture capital markets were today, and where we thought they were going. A year ago, most funds had ebullient outlooks, as we were amidst the Social Mobile Local bubble.  Zynga and Groupon had gone public, and Facebook was anticipated to set the stage […]

Series A Cliff

All this chatter of a Series A Crunch makes light of a widening gap that looks more like the jaws of death for many seed funded startups, as the gap between Seed and A is becoming a yawning cliff. As part of our VC Outlook for 2013, we incorporated the latest info from CBInsight, as […]

Hollywood is Giving Up on 3DTV

This is no surprise, we saw it two year ago: Hollywood is putting down the 3D glasses. Sure, there will be a few more attempts, but the next step in movies may be what is being attempted with The Hobbit: hyper-realism using 48 fames per second, twice the normal rate.  This can be simulated on […]

Green Shoots for Small IPOs?

After killing off the small IPO with nefarious rules that are little recognized for their pernicious behavior, the Congress passed the JOBS Act with the hope of jump-starting the small IPO. While we await regulations from the SEC – and the early indications have not been promising – there seems to be some progress being […]

Square Rounds Out the Faceplant Storyline

A big concern in the VC community after the series of disasters beginning with the Facebook IPO fiasco was whether we had seen the end of the recent increase in IPOs and eagerness to pay $1B valuations in private companies.  A key test of that worry has now been successfully passed: Square was able to […]

The Settop Box is Disappearing

HBO just launched an OTT service to the Nordic countries – huge move, not tied to cable, presaging what is about to come. Something like 30% of viewing is now off TV, and tends to be excerpts not the whole title. The Smart TVs finally have a sufficient built-in capabiltyy to enable direct to TV […]