First ever Philly Summer Tech Dinner

For several years us Philly folks have been saying, “we need to all meet-up sometime” as we pass each other on USAir or Amtrak. So finally this summer we made it happen. Bullpen and First Round hosted a great event. About 65 investors and CEOs in the Philly area showed up for an outstanding event at Chris Fralic’s house.

Below are some of the pictures.  We are hoping that this becomes an annual event.

IMG_20130731_195057 IMG_20130731_195104 IMG_20130731_195109 IMG_20130731_195116 IMG_20130731_195124 IMG_20130731_195142 IMG_20130731_195151 IMG_20130731_195201 IMG_20130731_195207 IMG_20130731_200820 IMG_20130731_200827 IMG_20130731_200833 IMG_20130731_200841 IMG_20130731_203910 IMG_20130731_203926

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