Every ten years or so, the business phone gets re-invented. The last time we saw RingCentral and GrandCentral (later Google Voice), and before that a bunch of IP PBXes like Shoretel.  These were primarily fixed line systems to substitute for your PBX, and to ring at a desk phone or PC.  They have been extended […]

For several years us Philly folks have been saying, “we need to all meet-up sometime” as we pass each other on USAir or Amtrak. So finally this summer we made it happen. Bullpen and First Round hosted a great event. About 65 investors and CEOs in the Philly area showed up for an outstanding event […]

We have a few free tickets for the big event on Wednesday. We have an all star line up of speakers and should have a packed house. Email me if you would like to get one of our last tickets. Agenda is here: http://vator.tv/events/ventureshift-july-2013/agenda Here is a quick photo from last year’s event

It’s been slightly over a year since I wrote the following post about not wanting to see product demos and I am somewhat amazed how controversial it was. But with a year of extra data I have a few new insights: (1) Some people are personally offended that I don’t want to see their product […]

Venture Shift 2013 Wednesday, July 17th 3:30 PM – 10:30 PM (PST) Cafe du Nord, San Francisco  Venture Shift, hosted by Vator and Bullpen Capital, has become one of the most anticipated events focused on the changing venture capital landscape. Last year, Shift focused on the JOBS Act and how it would affect fundraising. In […]

Grassroots Unwired was started 2 years ago by a veteran Democratic political insider named Russ Oster.  He was continually amazed to see that the state of the art technology for door-to-door canvassing was simply pencil and paper, with the occasional clip board. That’s when he decided to automate the process and build one of the […]

At our recent LP meeting we presented our view of where the venture capital markets were today, and where we thought they were going. A year ago, most funds had ebullient outlooks, as we were amidst the Social Mobile Local bubble.  Zynga and Groupon had gone public, and Facebook was anticipated to set the stage […]